Married and loving it.


Hey friends! I know it has been a very long time since I have posted. Ever since we have gotten back from our Honeymoon, I have tried everyday to catch up on housework. Somehow there is always more. More laundry, more cleaning, more cooking and then, now that the kitchen is dirty, more cleaning once again.

Although it is a lot of work keeping up a house, there’s something fun about it. At least for now anyways! Soon I will write a post all about the wedding complete with pictures from our amazing photographer. (Seriously, check out her blog:

One of the things i have enjoyed the most is making dinner. I have been experimenting quite a lot. Thankfully, my husband is not a picky eater and he’ll try just about anything i make. There will be many new recipes to come, so stay tuned! Thank you to everyone that has tried out my recipes and has given me feedback. It’s good to know what people like and what i can do to improve a dish.

A new recipe is coming your way late tonight or tomorrow!
Baked chicken with coconut ginger rice….mmmhmm.

Thanks for reading!



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